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Previously, we have weighed the various benefits of buying a new car, buying a used car, and leasing a car. They all have their own allure, but donít overlook another tremendous buying option; a certified pre owned Kia in Boardman, Ohio.

If you like to get the most value out of your purchases, then a CPO Kia is a great option for you. The vehicles wonít depreciate as quickly as a new car and used Kia vehicles sell quickly (and lucratively) on the secondary market. Our certified pre owned Kia dealers will also make your life easy; you wonít have to worry about your car breaking down, and our technicians perform an incredibly detailed inspection before classifying a pre owned car as ďcertified.Ē

There are also a number of other benefits to owning a certified pre owned Kia, which we will highlight below. If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to reach out! We would love to schedule you for a test drive in a reliable certified pre owned Kia.

Why Participate in the Kia CPO Program in Boardman?

The benefits of our Kia pre owned program are extensive; from a warranty to extra support and peace of mind, youíll have a car that runs like brand new, comes with our stamp of approval, and costs you an unbeatable price.

To start off, every certified pre owned Kia must have fewer than 60,000 miles to its name. It doesnít matter how recent the model is, if the previous owner drove it for over 60,000 miles, it canít qualify for certified pre owned. All of our CPO Kia cars are also five years old or newer (while also abiding by the 60,000-mile rule); yes, a Kia is still an exceptionally high-quality car after five years on the road, but it canít qualify for certified pre owned.

The crowning feature of a certified pre owned Kia is the 164 point quality assurance inspection, carried out by our skilled team of technicians. They inspect everything from the brake pads to the overhead lights and undercarriage, and you wonít be able to find a part of their car that wasnít closely and carefully examined.

Additional Benefits of Choosing a Certified Pre Owned Kia

Shoppers who choose a certified pre owned car from us will also receive an amazing warranty: you receive a 10 year, or 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty specifically offered to CPO buyers. Additionally, we offer 24-hour roadside assistance for our CPO customers, although we doubt you will need it! Along those lines, you can also receive towing services from us if you do need to visit a repair shop, and weíll supply you with a rental while your vehicle is being serviced. Do you like to take your carís history into your own hands? We offer a free CarFax report with each of our certified pre-owned Kia sales. The CarFax will give you every detail of a carís history; from how the previous owner used the car to any replacement parts that may have been installed, you can get a full picture of your carís background.

If you would like to learn more about how our certified pre owned program will be a great fit for your lifestyle and budget, please get in touch! You can reach us online, by phone, or by stopping by our dealership in Boardman.

What Cars are Available for the CPO Program?

Are you interested in owning the popular new Kia Sportage? Itís great for family use, but you will love driving it daily for your commute as well. It has athletic trim, efficient driving performance, and plenty of seating and storage space on the interior. Get in touch for a test drive in a certified pre owned Sportage to learn more!

The Kia Forte is another highly popular model for its blend of sedan styling and sports car performance. Its price tag makes it all that much more appealing, and when you weigh in how much money youíll save at the pump, this sporty small sedan is a perfect option for your lifestyle.

A certified pre owned Optima could also be a perfect match; it has more room and performance than the slightly smaller Forte, but it still boasts an exceptional amount of efficiency on the road. It contains the luxury of a higher end model while retaining its efficient roots. The Sorento is the ultimate family vehicle; it has enough horsepower for minor towing, and it features more than enough space for your family and luggage on a road trip.

A certified pre owned Sedona offers even more room for the family, and if youíre interested in the opposite end of the spectrum, the Soul and the Niro offer compact and efficient models that are easy to fill up at the pump and easy to parallel park.

Work With the Regionís Premier Kia Dealership

What exactly makes a Kia car dealership unique? Generally speaking, good service and great cars come with the name. Kia Boardman takes things to another level. We have highly trained and exceptionally friendly team members, and our dealership has won the Presidentís Club award six of the past seven years. We were also named Kia Dealer of the Year back in 2016, so if youíre looking for top of the line service, you can certainly find it here. We also serve complimentary pastries, coffee, and snack items at our dealership, so if you get hungry while you are shopping or waiting on your vehicle repair, you can enjoy our customer lounge area.

If you have any questions about the vehicles we sell, the warranty information related to our certified pre owned cars, availability of certain models, or setting up a test drive, please donít hesitate to let us know. Send any other questions our way as well; we want to be one of the best Kia dealerships in the Boardman area, and our goal is to see you drive home in an affordable, reliable car.
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