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Even the most reliable cars on the market will eventually suffer dings, dents, or just wear out to a certain extent. Fortunately, Kia has a full line of OEM replacement Kia parts to get your car back on the road. Our Kia parts department is well equipped with every part you could need, but if you need something that we don’t have in stock, we will order it and have it in no time at all. Our technicians are friendly and knowledgeable, and our parts experts understand your Kia better than anyone. Look nowhere else for your Kia auto parts; from bumpers to hubcaps and more, we have you covered.
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Do you have any questions about the Kia parts we have in stock, how to make an order online, or anything else? Please don’t hesitate to contact us -- you can reach us online, on the phone, or by stopping by the dealership. Whether you just need parts for a DIY project, or you need a full-on repair plus the replacement part, set up a time for us to take a look at your vehicle. No part is too obscure, and no repair project is too challenging for Kia Boardman.

Benefits of Using Kia OEM Parts

Every time we repair a car at our dealership, we choose to use original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts on the car. Big parts and small parts alike, we choose the reliability and functionality of OEM parts. But why? What does “original equipment manufacturer parts” even mean? Well, it means exactly what it says -- the parts are made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle. In this case, Kia is manufacturing the replacement parts for Kia vehicles.

There are several reasons we choose to use OEM parts at Kia Boardman. First, OEM replacement parts will last as long as the other parts on your car. For instance, if you’ve been in an accident and replace your door panel with a secondary market part, it may not last as long as the rest of the car. This can pose obvious safety concerns, and it simply isn’t practical. Secondly, OEM parts will fit your car exactly as the automaker intended, and it will function exactly the same as well. This becomes more important the more critical the part is; you should not replace your windshield with secondary market glass. Thirdly (and related to the first two), your car’s resale value will suffer if non-Kia parts show up on your vehicle’s CarFax report.

Do you have any questions about our Kia OEM parts? Get in touch!

Some Secondary Market Parts to Watch Out For

If you see parts with the term “aftermarket” attached to them, that means they are not original equipment manufacturer parts. They may work on your car, or they may fit imperfectly, wear down quickly, or worse, fail to function as advertised.

You should also look out for parts labeled as “salvage,” as they have simply been pulled off of old cars and may have issues that you can’t find. At the very least, they are not covered by a Kia warranty; OEM parts are covered by warranty.

Easily Buy Kia Parts Online

We’ve made it easier than ever to locate and purchase the right Kia part -- all you have to do is find your car’s VIN, and you will be able to order parts through our newly redesigned website. You can also order parts with your car’s make, model, and year, and if you have trouble locating the exact part you need, get in touch. One of our experienced parts specialists will help you find exactly the part you need.

Visit our Kia Service Center

Do you feel like you’ve bitten off a little bit more than you can chew by ordering your Kia parts online and trying to install them yourself? We certainly understand, and we are still here to help. All you have to do is call about a service time or set one up online. While you wait for your part to be installed, you can enjoy our comfortable waiting area with wifi, snacks, and shuttle service to nearby amenities.

We also offer full-service repairs as well, so whether you need your oil change or you’re dealing with a collision repair, we’ve got your back. If necessary, we will even supply you with a free loaner in the meantime.

Car Dealerships in Warren, Ohio

If you are looking for a Kia or Kia parts in Warren, Ohio, Kia Boardman is your best bet. We are easily accessible to all the neighboring areas, and our new and used Kia selection will allow you to drive home in the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Do you have any questions about our Kia parts for sale, our cars, our the services we provide? We can help you with all of your Kia-related needs, so get in touch at your earliest convenience.
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